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The Purim spiel inspired by Mean Girls, the hottest musical on Broadway and now on tour nationwide!

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Mean Persians: The Purim Musical is a new and original retelling of the Megillah, built around parodies of the insanely catchy songs from the hit Broadway musical Mean Girls.

Find out whether Mean Persians is the right Purim spiel for your congregation!

"Where are the corny jokes? This dialogue is really good... it's genuinely funny."

"...a very theatrical script."

"These characters are so full of personality that they jump off the page."

"I love Bigtan!"

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Q: How many characters are in Mean Persians?

Mean Persians features 5 lead roles, 4 supporting roles, and a large ensemble of 8 or more. One of the 4 supporting roles is non-singing, making it ideal for a cameo by clergy or staff.

Q: How mean is this story? Is Mean Persians offensive to Persians?

Only to Haman! The story is never mean-spirited. It’s got snarky humor, some delightfully didactic teaching moments, and a bit of new midrash in which Esther and Mordechai are helped by the Persian friends they've made, including Vashti.

Q: How long is the show?

We give you two versions of the script – you decide!

  • The complete version, with parodies of nearly all of the songs from Mean Girls, has a running time of roughly an hour (50 to 60 minutes), in two acts without intermission.
  • The express version runs roughly 30-40 minutes, and can easily be performed on the bimah. Sets, props, and costumes are optional – although we do recommend using at least a few dollar-store props and costume accessories.

Use either script as is, or customize your own version to suit your congregation and the talents of your performers.

Q: Can Mean Persians be performed by children under 13?

While participation in the ensemble is suitable for all ages, the lead and supporting roles in Mean Persians are not recommended for children under 13.

This is not due to mature content, but because the dialogue and lyrics are not written at a young child's reading level. Mean Persians was written to be performed by grownups or teenagers.

Q: Is Mean Persians family-friendly?

Yes! It is based on the Book of Esther, with reverence and attention to detail. There's no suggestive material – not even at the king's harem. In the spirit of Purim, there is a scene that includes excessive drinking by the king. If you find any material that you feel may not be right for your congregation, please tell us, and feel free to make any revisions you like to the script.

Q: For those of us who don't know the songs from Mean Girls, how can we learn them?

The original Broadway cast recording is available in all the usual places, including free streaming on Spotify and YouTube:

Q: Are backing tracks available?

Yes! Piano accompaniments or full karaoke-style instrumentals are provided to you as part of the package.

Q: Is sheet music available?

Yes! We've matched our parody lyrics to the original vocals, and in most cases, you'll find that the Mean Persians lyrics match up perfectly, syllable for syllable.

Sheet music for the Broadway show Mean Girls has been published, and is available as a book of vocal selections with piano accompaniment (Amazon link). Piano/vocal sheet music for individual songs can also be purchased and legally downloaded at Sheet Music Plus, which provides an interactive feature for unlimited key transpositions.

Q: How does Mean Persians tie together the traditional Purim story and Mean Girls?

Mean Girls: A teenage girl raised overseas has moved with her family to America. In the foreign environment of her new high school, she faces the ultimate mean girl – a vicious queen bee who dominates the school! With the help of some unusual new friends, she turns her world upside down, finding the confidence and power to bring down Regina and her clique.

Mean Persians: A teenage girl raised in Judea has moved with her uncle to Shushan. In the foreign environment of her new home at the palace, she faces the ultimate mean Persian – the king’s vicious advisor, who dominates the kingdom! With the help of Mordechai and some unlikely Persian friends, she turns her world upside down, finding the confidence and power to bring down Haman and his army.

Q: Are there roles to accommodate a variety of ages and genders?

The ideal cast will include a mix of teenagers and adults. For teenaged cast members, the lead roles of Esther and Ahasuerus would be particularly suitable, as would the supporting roles of Harbona and Tzeresh.

The roles of Bigtan, Tzeresh, and Harbona were specifically written with gender-neutral casting in mind. These characters can be played as male or female, with little or no change to the script.

Q: Can we see what the script is like, before we commit to it?

Yes, you can sample several complete scenes and song lyrics here:

Q: What does my congregation receive if we order Mean Persians?

You will receive access to the following downloadable items:

    • The complete script of Mean Persians: The Purim Musical, in both Word and PDF formats
    • An "express" edition of the script, carefully abridged for congregations that need a shorter running time
    • Downloadable backing tracks for each of the songs
    • A graphic file of the Mean Persians pink carpet logo, in both JPG and PNG formats, for your use in promotional material
    • The Mean Persians Production Guide, in both Word and PDF formats – a director’s guidebook containing character and set descriptions, a list of props needed for each scene, suggestions for doing sets and costumes on a dollar-store budget, and a few suggestions for how to stage the show on a bimah or other non-theatrical space

You'll also get access to a discussion forum where congregations that have chosen Mean Persians can share ideas and information with each other, and with the author.

Q: How do we contact you?

You can contact our dedicated Mean Persians team – or in other words, you can email me – at Before or after you order, I'll gladly answer questions and will remain available as a behind-the-scenes resource throughout your production.

Q: What will it cost to order Mean Persians?

This Purim spiel was written out of love for Judaism, Purim, and Mean Girls, and for absolutely no personal gain or profit.

When you order Mean Persians, we request a charitable donation made directly to Congregation Beth Or, in the recommended amount of $180. Make your online donation here – please select "The Natan Luehrmann-Cowen Junior Choir Endowment" from the menu, and request a donation notification to

And one more thing: after your show, we sincerely request that you send us a video. We would love to see what you do!

Mean Girls on Broadway

"Apex Predator"

(inspiration for "The King's Top Minister" in Mean Persians)

"I'd Rather Be Me"

(inspiration for "You'll Have to Kill Me" in Mean Persians)


(inspiration for "Greeky" in Mean Persians)

Mean Girls at the 2018 Tony Awards

"Stupid With Love"

(inspiration for "New Kid in Love" in Mean Persians)

First Look: Mean Girls on Broadway

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