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Making your Purim spiels more meaningful since 2018!

This parody is a true original!  It's a uniquely reimagined version of the Purim story that takes on the whole Megillah, offering relatable characters and genuinely funny dialogue - all built around parodies of the insanely catchy songs from the hit Broadway musical Mean Girls

No corny jokes, no cardboard characters - this is a spiel like you've never seen before. 

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The cool kids in your youth group and the Broadway mavens in your choir already know Six: The Musical, London's smash hit that took the pop charts by storm.  

Six opened on Broadway in February 2020: Henry VIII's six wives take the mic in their rocking glory, and remix history to tell their own stories.  Now Schtix is here to rock your bimah with a mega-Megillah remix of the Purim story!

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Swiftly Through the Megillah

It's the story of a sweet, talented country girl who crossed over to the big time, reinvented herself as a force to be reckoned with, and rose to the top of an empire... Queen Esther!  

This rocking spiel is built around hits like "22", "Shake It Off", "Mean" (totally about Haman), and "Look What You Made Me Do" (Haman's big solo!)  Put down the groggers and get ready for a spiel with heart!

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Also under development...

Dear Esther, Haman...

Featuring song parodies based on the Broadway hit Dear Evan Hansen.  Esther was a shy and sincere Jewish girl who married the King of Persia and became a sudden celebrity.  But then came a letter from her uncle Mordechai, revealing Haman's wicked project:  to make the Jewish people disappear, for forever.  No one deserves to be forgotten... and to save her people, Esther must let her Jewish identity be found.

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Haman's been dead for 2,500 years, and he's as creepy as ever!  This maniacal ghost wants to be your guide to the other side – so turn Purim upside down, and let Haman show you how the villain Mordechai and the evil Queen E. caused King Ahasuerus to betray Persia, leading to Haman's tragic death... just as he remembers it!

Inspired by the 1988 movie Beetlejuice and the 2019 Broadway musical version, including classic Harry Belafonte songs.

In development!

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